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Published on September 5, 2009 at 6:28 pm  Comments (3)  

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  1. Ok email me and I can elaborate some more, there gotta be some research on that area. There are UGRR coordinators for every region of the US with the national park services and they should know ppl in the local area u are interested in.

    Hope u can trace ownership- transfer records with value weren’t kept in our county in IN before 1870 😦 and deeds can be very vague


  2. Lou,

    I am looking at a book on Roscoe published in 1995 here in the library of the historical society. It states that the land was patented to Joshua Dixon in 1784, and passed through the Dixon family to the family of William Latta. He deeded it to his sons Ostrander and Alexander on 18 May 1868. The Latta brothers sold a part of their holdings to John Sphar on June 3, 1869. The Latta family still has descendants in Roscoe, Gibson and Harry Chester. You may already have this information, but just wanted to share in case this is helpful. Janet

  3. Hello, my name is Lisa Shutterly and in reading all this information I am intrigued and curious about the Shutterly House. My father died when I was young and therefore my information is unfortunately minimal. He was born in Pennysylania and I remember him talking about these railroads. Years ago when I was going thru some old papers and pictures I came across Pictures of this house and some writing about slaves that were possibly hidden there, which I was very proud of when I read this. I would enjoy speaking about this further if you wouldnt mind.Please contact me at your earliest conveinence.Thank You Again, Lisa Shutterly

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